Into the Badlands
Actor Daniel Wu talks about Into the Badlands AMC

AMC's upcoming show Into The Badlands is a unique blend of the sci-fi and martial arts genre and fans would be eager to see how the show incorporates the two popular themes within an engaging plot and storyline. The show's lead actor and executive producer Daniel Wu recently spoke about the idea for Into The Badlands -- and explained how it was important to create a story that was not about martial arts but a human drama -- much like AMC's other big series, The Walking Dead.

"It is a difficult balance to try and achieve," Wu told TIBS during a recent interview. "Our main goal is that we wanted to create this martial arts drama for national TV. This is something that has never been done before. But in order to be successful you can't just have great martial arts and no story. People would just fast forward through to the fight scenes and then turn off the show."

The actor continued, "...So what we are trying to do with Into The Badlands is create a story that isn't just about the martial arts but about the people and the drama. Much like how The Walking Dead elevated a series about Zombies to be much more with human drama. The martial arts is a bonus but we want a much broader audience and in order to do that you have to tell a story about the characters. Its a balance you want to make it complex enough that people are intrigued but not too complex that people are confused."

Judging by the initial buzz that the series has managed to generate, it definitely looks like AMC's got another winner on its hands. Into The Badlands premieres on Sunday, 15 November on AMC. Meanwhile, you can check out a featurette of the show below: