When Apple introduced the iPad Pro in 2015, it was marketed as a tablet designed for productivity on the go. However, users were quick to point out some of its flaws that were later addressed in some form by the manufacturer in latter models. What remained problematic for its users thereafter was the operating system, which most people agreed was not optimised for the slate. Fast forward to the release of iPadOS and the enhancements that it brings to the table and what is left to improve upon is just the Smart Keyboard.

While the keyboard accessory of the tablet can get the job done when you need physical keys to type up a document or respond to emails, it still has some shortcomings. Although Apple intended to have iPad Pro to replace the Macbook in some capacity, there were some oversights into the design of the detachable input device. According to Forbes, industry insiders are claiming that the American tech group might be working on a new version.

Depending on the user, key travel can be a big factor when it comes to typing. The current Smart Keyboard uses a butterfly mechanism and was recently criticised for its durability. Some of the older MacBooks are equipped with the same type and became a huge issue for Apple. Ingress from various type of debris can affect the key's functions.

Digitimes, a Taiwanese tech publication, claims the upgraded Smart Keyboard will sport scissor-switches. This new configuration is called Magic Keyboard and can be found on the 16-inch MacBook Pro. So far, feedback from owners of the latest laptop can confirm that it performs better than the ones used by the previous generation.

Another enhancement being considered for the 2020 iPad Pro Smart Keyboard involved low-light visibility. Other 2-in-1 detachable laptops such as Surface Pro series from Microsoft feature backlighting on the Type Cover. Without this function, users will have a hard time without a light source.

With these rumoured upgrades on the way, iPad Pro 2020 owners will finally have a productivity device that can match other Windows or ChromeOS laptops or detachables. Apple's next keynote presentation could include the new Smart Keyboard on top of other upcoming products later this year.

Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
The iPad Pro, shown here with the optional Smart Cover keyboard case and Apple Pencil stylus Reuters