The infamous Islamic State (Isis) executioner known as "The Bulldozer" seemingly appears in a brutal new video released by the terror group, in which a man's head is crushed by a boulder. The obese Daesh terrorist, whose true identity is not known, has been seen in previous videos decapitating Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers.

Other reports from Iraq suggest The Bulldozer has amputated the limbs of teenagers for refusing to join Isis (Daesh) and executed others accused of blasphemy. The oversized militant is believed to appear in the new footage, which was released on 20 May, showing three horrifying execution methods.

Claimed to have been shot in Yemen the slickly edited footage shows the execution of three Yemeni soldiers in blue jumpsuits in a barren desert. War-torn Yemen is suffering from a civil war, in which Houthi rebels are battling against the Yemeni government and the Saudi Arabia-led coalition.

IS has taken advantage of the instability in the impoverished country, which has long been a hotbed of support for al-Qaeda. Recently IS claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on Mukalla, Yemen, which killed at least 25 and wounded scores of others.

In the video entitled Crush Your Enemies The Bulldozer hacks off the head of one of the prisoners with a knife, before placing the severed head on the corpse's back as it lies in dirt. A second soldier is tied to a chair and repeatedly shot, while a third is murdered by having a large boulder dropped on his head.

The video also features bombed out streets and commentary by IS extremists. Earlier in the week the US added IS affiliates in Yemen, Libya and Saudi Arabia to its list of designated terrorist organisations.

Who is 'The Bulldozer'?

'The Bulldozer' seen executing peshmerga
'The Bulldozer' seen about to behead a Peshmerga fighter in Mosul Screenshot

The Bulldozer is suspected of being an Iranian national. He is believed to have first been filmed executing IS opponents in Iraq, by beheading Kurdish soldiers with a huge sword. Before that, in June 2014, he was pictured carrying a 5ft-long, 52kg Browning machine gun, loaded with armour-piercing bullets.

IS websites have published pictures of the same man beheading two people accused of blasphemy in Iraq's Anbar province. And in October 2015, a 14-year-old Syrian boy told of how the Bulldozer chopped off his hand and foot, because he refused to join the terror group.

The Bulldozer in Yemen
A man, that appears to be the Isis executioner known as 'The Bulldozer' appears in the centre above. Isis propaganda video