The US Senate will "thoughtfully" review President Barack Obama's request for authorisation to use military force against Islamic State (Isis), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday (11 February).

"The Senate will review the president's request thoughtfully," he said on the Senate floor. Senators will "listen closely to the advice of military commanders as they consider the best strategy for defeating ISIL".

John Boehner, the Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives, expressed concern that Obama has not sufficiently articulated a strategy for defeating IS.

"Well, this use of military force to deal with Isis is an important--, an important step forward. And, I think the president is going to have to go out an make his case to the, to the American people.

"The delivery of this authorisation is the beginning of a legislative process that will involve hearings, mark-ups and, I am sure, changes as we go through this process. And so, at this point, I think we have got an awful lot of work to do before we get into 'what I am for' and 'what I am against'. I think we need to go through the process," Boehner said.

"I believe that if we are going to authorise the use of military force, the president should have all the tools necessary to win the fight that we are in. And so, as you have heard me say over the last number of months, I am not sure that's a strategy that has been outlined will accomplish the mission the president says he wants to accomplish.

"And his point, the president's point is that he wants to dismantle and destroy Isis. I haven't seen the strategy yet that I think will accomplish that."