Gun control
A man in Turkey was killed by his friend for paying his restaurant bill. George Frey/Getty Images

In most cases, people are glad when a friend takes care of their restaurant bills. Then again, some might take offence at such a gesture. But could it infuriate a person so much that he shoots the person who pays the bill? It did, in Istanbul, Turkey.

In a strange incident, a man, named İdris Alakuş, killed a friend for paying his restaurant bill, The Telegraph reported, citing Turkish media reports.

Alakuş and his friend, Savcı Karabulut, were reportedly sitting in a restaurant in Bakirkoy district of Istanbul when he noticed Hasan Erdemir walk in with two friends. Alakuş invited the trio to join him and his friend.

The men had soup at the restaurant, following which Alakuş expressed his wish to leave. He reportedly asked for the bill, but was told that his friend Erdemir had already paid it. The two men then argued over who should have paid the bill.

Infuriated over the issue, Alakuş left the restaurant but, reportedly returned in a while with a gun and shot Erdemir and his two friends. Waiters at the restaurant immediately rushed the three men to hospital. Erdemir died at the hospital, while his two friends were reported to be out of danger, according to latest local media reports.

Alakuş reportedly fled following the shooting, but was arrested soon. CCTV footage of the shooting was shared by Turkish media that apparently shows Alakuş shooting Erdemir, The Telegraph writes.

Turkey is currently facing an inflow of immigrants from different war-stricken countries. The country entered into a refugee deal with the EU to help control the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.