Jeremy Corbyn voting
Jeremy Corbyn casts his vote at a polling station at Pakeman Primary School Leon Neal/Getty Images

An IT company in Watford has been accused of threatening to make all staff who voted Labour in the recent general election redundant if Jeremy Corbyn's party had won.

An email from John Brooker, Managing Director of Watford based Storm Technologies Ltd, and seen by the GMB union, was sent to all staff members warning them of the consequences if "Labour do win and things slow down".

Brooker is accused of telling his staff of more than 100 that Labour voters will be "made redundant first" if Corbyn wins and they should "vote Conservative if they believed in free enterprise and progression without being taxed out of the game".

Warren Kenny, GMB London region secretary, said it is "unacceptable and morally and ethically wrong" for a company director to warn their staff about how to vote in an election.

He added: "A boss should not be harassing employees or interfering with their right to vote for who they wish - it's Dickensian, workhouse nonsense.

"Any staff working for John Brooker should be have been able to vote for their candidate or party of choice without fear for their jobs and their livelihoods."

"If you want to see an example of kind of oppressive working environment seven years of Tory rule has created – this is it."

The email in full read:

"Hi Everyone, So its election day and I hope you all exercise your right to elect your chosen candidate/party

"Just a heads up though, VOTE CONSERVATIVE if you believe in free enterprise and progression without being taxed out of the game.

"Theresa May is not the perfect PM but a far better option for dealing with the challenges this country faces ahead than Corbyn.

"Brexit negotiations start in less than two weeks which will affect us all, Security and the ECONOMY needs a strong hand and Corbyn will be a nightmare.

"He resents those making good money, wants to hike corporation tax up by 7% immediately, hike higher rate tax payers by another 5%, bring far more people into the 40% tax bracket (and there are a lot of you here at Storm) borrow billions which at some point has to be paid back and will generally send us backwards.

"If by any chance Labour win, we'll have to re-think a few things here at the company so if you value your job and want to hold onto your hard earned money vote Conservative.

"Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win and things slow down..........

"Anyway, just sharing my personal thoughts with you. Feel free to vote for whoever you want but I have said my piece."

The Watford seat was held by Conservative Richard Harrington at the election, beating Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski by 26,731 to 24,636 votes.

IBTimes UK has contacted Storm Technologies for comment.