The singer of British metalcore band Architects temporarily halted their show to call out a male fan who allegedly groped a woman as she was crowdsurfing. Sam Carter was performing at Lowlands music festival in the Netherlands on Friday 18 August when he suddenly stopped to speak to the crowd during a pause between songs.

He said: "I've been going over in my f*****g mind about whether I should say something or not about what I saw in that last song, and do you know what, I'm gonna f*****g say it.

"I saw a girl, a woman, crowdsurfing over here, and I'm not going to f*****g point the piece of s**t out who did it, but I saw you f*****g grab at her boob, it is f*****g disgusting and there is no place for that s**t.

"It is not your f*****g body, it is not your f*****g body and you do not f*****g grab at someone. Not at my f*****g show. So if you feel like doing that again, walk out there and f**k off and don't come back."

Carter's comments were met with cheers and applause from fans. The footage has been shared widely on social media and comes after a number of other bands have spoken out against the treatment of female fans during their shows.

Last month, Brendan Ekstrom, the guitarist for US rock band Circa Survive, walked off stage mid-set to confront a man he believed was sexually harassing a fellow concertgoer during a gig in St Louis, US.

British punk duo Slaves also recently publicly condemned behaviour of some fans after similar incidents at their gig in Cardiff, vowing to walk off stage if they were repeated. And fellow British band Mumford and Sons even boycotted an entire festival in Sweden after learning fans had reported being raped and sexually assaulted at the event.

Carter has urged people to follow SafeGigs4Women, an organisation that promotes awareness about sexual assault and harassment in concert venues. The group tweeted: "We've had a flurry of activity overnight thanks to @Architectsuk – thanks so much for what you did. We need more bands to do the same."

Singer Calls Out Man Who Groped Woman During Performance
Architects singer Sam Carter calls out a fan mid-performance at a festival