Vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners stand on display at a store. The one in the Italian woman's house apparently isn't getting much use. Reuters

Mama mia. An Italian husband is complaining that his wife's poor housekeeping isn't only slovenly, it's downright criminal. He has taken her court, claiming "mistreatment of the family" that has gone on for two long years.

The 40-year-old mother from Lazio in south-central Italy could get up to six years in prison if convicted. The 47-year-old husband has accused his wife of "poor management of the household chores," complaining that she often throws out food he brings home because she's can't cook it.

The poor man has been "forced to live in conditions with poor hygiene." In addition, he points out, she had kicked him out of their bedroom, The Local reports. The trial begins in October.

In 2014 some Italians suggested that salaries be paid to women — or men — who work at home in an effort to improve equality and tackle domestic abuse. But it wasn't widely supported. Daniela Del BocaOne, an economics professor at the University of Turin speculated that the salary would be a "disincentive to look for a job."