Cosimo Pagnani Facebook Italy Murder Maria D'Antonio
Cosimo Pagnani's Facebook post allegedly announcing the killing of his ex-wife Maria D'Antonio. Facebook

An Italian man allegedly bragged about killing his ex-wife in a Facebook post that drew hundreds of likes.

Police said Cosimo Pagnani, 32, stabbed to death his estranged partner, Maria D'Antonio, 34, at her home near the southern city of Salerno after a domestic quarrel.

Around the time of the killing his Facebook page was updated with a message reading "You are dead, b****".

As news of slaying started circulating on social media, the post was liked by more than 300 users and shared by almost 400 others.

The incident sparked the anger of many netizens outraged at what they said was the glorification of femicide. Pagnani's account was subsequently suspended.

Detectives confirmed the post appeared on a page controlled by the suspected murderer but were not sure whether he was the author and if the message was posted prior or after the killing, local media reported.

Pagnani was reportedly struggling to come to terms with the breakup of his marriage to D'Antonio, which occurred about one year ago, and with her having started a new relationship.

The couple had a seven-year-old daughter who lived with the mother in the rural town of Sicignano degli Alburni.

Police said D'Antonio was stabbed multiple times with a hunting knife that was found at the crime scene.

During the struggle Pagnani suffered from a deep wound to a leg, which detectives said he most likely accidentally self-inflicted in an outburst of rage. The man has been arrested and has so far refused to cooperate with authorities.