As Cristiano Ronaldo continues to throw tantrum after tantrum to dent his legacy in football, one thing continues like clockwork - the Portuguese star's sisters coming out in his defence. The latest controversy comes from his actions at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The five-time Ballon d'Or winner's career hit a new low after he was dropped from the Portugal starting XI for their 6-1 win over Switzerland. Fernando Santos benched his captain and started young forward Goncalo Santos in his place, and it worked wonders as the latter scored a hat-trick to help them progress to the last eight.

The 37-year-old did come on as a second-half substitute, but he walked off the pitch as his team celebrated with their fans following the final whistle. However, earlier in the game, he did show absolute delight while watching his compatriots score.

Ronaldo drew flack from the football world following his criticism on Manchester United, and was again berated for allegedly not supporting his teammates at the end of the match against Switzerland. The Portuguese media completely ignored his tantrums, while pundits covering the World Cup criticised him for his selfish gesture.

The former Real Madrid star has always had the unwavering support of his family, and like clockwork his sister Elma Aveiro took to social media to back her brother. She labeled critics "losers" and then went on make it sound like Ronaldo chose to sit on the bench to give others an opportunity.

Elma, however, in her passionate defence of her brother, went on to say exactly what a number of football fans are saying at the moment - "It's not all about Ronaldo."

"I just ask for the 1% of losers and hypocrites not to talk s***...they bite the hand that fed them," Ronaldo's sister Elma wrote.

"Support Portugal whoever plays. Portugal is a team, it's not just Ronaldo.... Respect the team, the coach, and especially Ronaldo. Ronaldo will be eternal, never forgotten for everything he did and WILL do."

Ronaldo's other sister Katia Aveiro has also come out to support her brother - slamming her compatriots for criticising the five-time Champions League winner. It remains to be seen if Ronaldo will earn his place back for the quarterfinals when Portugal take on Morocco after their surprise but deserved win over Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo has rarely been out of the spotlight at the World Cup in Qatar