Jill and Jessa Counting On
Jinger Duggar is engaged to Jeremy Vuolo TLC

The Duggar family is leaving behind the disgraceful past of the Josh Duggar scandal. They are now preparing to welcome a new member to the family as Jinger Duggar is engaged to Jeremy Vuolo. However, a new promo for season 2 of Counting On released by TLC, misses one important person from the family – Jana Duggar.

The network has released a 'five things to expect from the upcoming season' which has avoided the mention of the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. New couple Jinger and Jeremy are set to take the centre stage in the second season.

The season 2 description starts with "Jinger and Jeremy's courtship bliss". The couple has got engaged recently and going by the rules of the family, it is safe to speculate that another Duggar marriage is on the cards.

"Sweet little Jinger is now grown up and engaged! We are so happy for them both. Above all, we are so grateful for their love and commitment to Christ. We are so excited about another Duggar wedding! We know that wonderful days are ahead for Jinger and Jeremy and we are looking forward to every moment! Our entire family rejoices," the Duggar parents wrote on their official website.

After spending a year in missionary, Jill and Derick are returning to Arkansas. Apart from raising their one and half-year-old son, the couple is planning to expand their family by having another baby. TLC also hints at Ben and Jessa's adoption plans in the upcoming season.

"Joy, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah are reaching a milestone with high school graduation rapidly approaching while John David, Joseph, and Josiah could be seeking new relationships," reads the synopsis. Jana, who is famously known as Cinderella Duggar by her fans, is nowhere to be seen in the promo or the description.

The upcoming season will focus on the grown-up children of the former 19 Kids and Counting couple, Jim Bob and Michelle, and how they are exploring the relationship, parenting challenge and exciting endeavours.

The 10-episode Counting On season 2 will premiere on Tuesday, 23 August at 8/7c in the US on TLC.