Japan dropped a nuclear bomb on the US during WW2, according to an Indian school textbook which is full of howling errors.

Parents and schoolchildren in the western Indian state of Gujarat have complained after they noticed a series of mistakes published in the texts book commissioned by the government for state-run schools.

It is reported the Social Science English medium textbook for Standard 8, published by the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT), contains more than 150 factual, spelling and grammatical mistakes in just 124 pages.

In addition to the nuclear bombing of the US by Japan, the textbook warns of an increase in the poisonous gas CO3, due to cutting of trees.

The book, which is said to be studied by more than 50,000 children, says Gandhi was assassinated on 30 October 1948 - instead the correct date of 30 January – and got the date he set up his first set up Satyagraha Ashram at Kochrab in Ahmedabad wrong by 10 years.

The Gujurat government has said it investigating the errors but have not withdrawn the books from schools as yet.

"We have set up a two member committee to look into these errors and make changes immediately. We are also initiating action against the panellist who had vetted the books," said state education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama.

Nirav Thakkar, principal of a school in the state's second largest city, Ahmedabad, told NDTV: "This clearly is the reflection of the competency of the writers of the book.

"There should have been some semblance of sensibility while clearing the draft of these books."