After repeated complaints of "lewd" sexual behaviour, including orgies, a popular Japanese hot spring has been closed down.

The Shiobara Hot Spring Tourism Association announced the decision to shut down the Fudo no Yu hot spring near Tokyo on its website on Monday (1 June) after the "lewd acts" went a little too far.

Despite residents complaining of the sexual acts for nearly an year, officials finally took action after several weekends of orgies were reported at the spring, which is a part of the popular Shiobara onsen resort.

A group comprising of 14 to 15 men and some young women were accused of abusing the hot springs that was left unguarded.

According to reports, the hot spring was left unsupervised and operated through an honour system. Visitors usually left their money somewhere at the site, which was later collected by the management.

"With the resort being promoted by the prefecture as a tourist attraction, it was a tough decision," said Shigeki Tashiro, the head of the local Fukuwatari council.

"However, if left as is, the image of the area as tourist destination could be downgraded."

Other allegations, included pornography, with several adult videos reportedly being shot at the springs and eventually being leaked online.

A visit to the hot spring was charged at roughly 200 Yen (£1) and on average some 60 bathers visited the spring every weekend.

The hot springs had an open-air bathing area reportedly three metres in diameter that allowed bathers to enjoy scenic views near Hoki River.

"Because I really like open-air baths in a mountain setting, I visited the resort several times each year with my wife," said a man from Tsukuba, reported The Tokyo Reporter.

"It's unfortunate that there have been reports of women's underwear and purses being stolen. This is a very frustrating development for hot springs enthusiasts."