Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce has all the supports from Jay Z as they prepare to welcome their twin babies Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Jay Z is on cloud nine as he and wife Beyonce are expecting twins but Queen Bey's pregnancy is reportedly not easy. The music mogul is said to be treating her like a princess by caring and supporting his wife through the difficult phase.

"Beyonce is suffering the worst morning sickness ever this time round," an insider told HollywoodLife.

"Jay Z is being super supportive, and really amazing. He's basically at her beck and call and treating her like a princess. Jay's done a ton of research into what helps with the sickness and he's making Bey lots of fresh lemon water to drink, and feeding her apples and peanut butter. She's still feeling sick a lot, but it does seem to help," the source revealed.

The 46-year-old American rapper has previously been called an Instagram husband after he was spotted taking adorable pictures of the Halo singer during their European holiday. Reports of him caring for his wife during her pregnancy will surely see fans think of him as a dream husband.

"He's also giving her foot massages to help with the terrible aches and pains she's suffering. Beyonce really can't wait for the twins to arrive, she's not enjoying pregnancy this time around at all," the source added.

The Carters also appear to be preparing for their growing family, as they are allegedly house hunting in Los Angeles. People reported that the music power couple are "actively looking for the perfect house for their expanding family". The 35-year-old songstress and her husband, who own a combined $1bn (£816m), are reportedly eyeing the largest home in Los Angeles County, a 57,000-square-foot mansion.

The former estate of Aaron and Candy Spelling is reported to have a "bowling alley, wine cellar, three gift-wrapping rooms, library, gym, doll room, screening room and humidity-controlled silver storage room".

"This house is the equivalent of a mid-sized hotel. It's a lot of work. At the time of the sale it was the largest home in Los Angeles County. I have wonderful memories here, but I feel like it's a new chapter in my life — and it's just me in this big house," Candy told the website.