Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may be in it for the long run this time in their rekindled romance and that is because they share more than just physical chemistry. A body language expert claimed their relationship is bound by trust and strong emotional connection.

Relationship coach Nicole Moore shared her insights into the couple's relationship based on photos of them together in public. She told The List that they "can't keep their bodies away from each other" and that is because they are not faking their PDA.

They are "making a declaration to the world that there's still so much chemistry between them," she said, referencing pictures of them on a yacht during a getaway to France for the singer's 52nd birthday over the weekend.

In the snap, Affleck is seen touching her buttocks in what netizens described as a recreation of the butt grab scene in the "Jenny from the Block" music video. Moore said they looked very at ease with each other with their bodies "comfortably intertwining."

My man @BenAffleck sure as heck isn't letting @JLo go this time around! I feel you brother! Congrats to you both for realizing life is short and that love can be so fleeting! #Bennifer

— Jay Dobensky (@JayDobensky) July 26, 2021

The author of "Love Works Method" also looked at other photos of the pair holding hands, snuggling, hugging, and kissing in public. She said that from their body language "it seems as if this couple may have it all." Moore said the pictures show that Affleck and Lopez have "an intense physical connection and chemistry backed by trust, a deep bond and a strong desire to be close."

"There's no sense of awkwardness or tension between this couple. They've snapped right back into the closeness that led to their engagement years ago and their body language indicates [this]," she explained.

The way we won in the end?. Please continue entertaining me Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. #Bennifer

— TV Fanatic?⚜️ (@TvKhaleesi) July 24, 2021

The relationship expert also looked at a video of the pair sharing a smooch while out dining with the singer's family. She said the actor's body language "clearly indicates that the connection between the two is deeper than just physical." It shows the "softer side" of their relationship as Lopez touched Affleck's chin and he rested his head on her hand. He even snuggled his head into her arms and hugged her tightly afterwards.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez KISS During Dinner in Malibu

— HIDE ღ❤ღ꒰・‿・๑꒱㌰㌰official (@Italiajin21) June 16, 2021

Moore added that Lopez trusts Affleck this time around as seen by how she places her hand on his chest or close to his heart. This body language is said to be indicative of "trust and deep love."

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are a couple again Reuters