A string of expletive-laden outbursts were tweeted from the Twitter account of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after it was hacked. The Opposition leader managed to regain control of the social media account and the fraudulent tweets were subsequently deleted.

The tweets began shortly after 9:00pm GMT on 10 January. Some of the messages appeared to express Corbyn's opposition to Britain's nuclear programme, Trident, while another took a swing at Prime Minister David Cameron.

The series of offending tweets started with the message: "Here we...here we...here we f*****g go!!!" One tweet which was sent out to Corbyn's 384,000-strong following read: "Davey Cameron is a pie." At the time of publishing, Corbyn's following had grown to 387,000 people.

The most concise tweet simply said: "F**k Trident". A spokesman for the Labour leader refused to comment on the incident, according to a Guardian report.

The short series of tweets sparked a frenzy on the social media platform as users latched onto "Davey Cameron" and the pie theme.