Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the destruction of the houses of the two terrorists who attacked a synagogue in east Jerusalem this morning, killing four and injuring eight.

Natanyahu also ordered the destruction of the homes of Palestinians involved in other recent terror attacks.

He issued the directive after a meeting with top Israeli security officials today, but did not say when the demolitions will take place.

The suspects, who were shot dead after the attack, have been named as cousins Ghassan Abu Jamal, 31, and Udayy Abu Jamal, 21.

Their homes in east Jerusalem, in the Jabal al-Mukabbir neighbourhood, were raided this morning by Israeli forces, reports Ma'an news agency.

The family of the two men told the news agency that security forces detained 12 family members, including Abu Jamal's wife, mother, and brothers Munther, Jamal, Imade, Murad, and Muawiya. The brother of Udayy, Mutaza, was also detained.

Following the arrests, there were clashes between locals and police, and at least 17 Palestinians suffered tear gas inhalation, while five were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets, reported Ma'an.

Israeli forces have sealed off the entrance to the neighbourhood with cement blocks.

Jerusalem attack - Critical locations
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