Jessa Duggar baby
Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald welcomed their second son on 6 February TLC

Jessa Duggar may have missed out on congratulating brother Josh and his wife Anna for their pregnancy news but she is not missing out on updating her children's growing time on social media. She recently shared a picture of her son Henry and it has started a heated debate on the internet about parenting skills.

"Ya know, a month old, and already takin' my first steps," she captioned the picture where her second son Henry was standing with the help of Jessa's husband Ben, who was seen in the background holding the baby.

👶🏼 Ya know, a month old, and already takin' my first steps. 😜 #HenryWilberforceSeewald

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While the baby's chubby appearance in a blue and white striped onesies stole the heart of many, some people opined that it is too early to make the one-month-old baby stand. "Too young to be letting him stand with his weight on his legs. That's not good," a used commented on the picture.

The famous Duggar daughter was also advised by her loyal fans not to put pressure on the baby. One of the fans said babies' full weight shouldn't be put on their legs as their bones are soft and it will leave them bow-legged.

"I think it's really awesome that we have two little boys so close together in age. I know they're gonna be best friends and love growing up and doing everything together," the Arkansas native said. "So I'm looking forward to seeing that, and Ben's probably gonna have 'em out in the backyard playing football not before too long in the next couple years."

The Duggar family members are prone to sharp criticisms for their evangelical Christian lifestyle and the infamous Josh Duggar sexual abuse and cheating scandal. While none of the family members came out to defend the move that is being critiqued online, they do have a plenty of supporters who answered the haters.

"I bet you all criticizing her have a PhD as well. There is no reason to tell anyone how to parent unless they are in serious danger. And I am not seeing that from him standing," one Duggar supporter said, while another gushed about the Seewalds as 'wonderful parents' to their sons. "Y'all need to stop criticising the family. It's really nothing bad with the pic. Y'all need to find something to do on y'all spare time. They make wonderful parents. Do onto others as you want others to do on to you."