Love Island star Jessica Shears' former boyfriend has claimed that the glamour model isn't actually single as she's made out on the show. Stuart Tomlinson has claimed they were in a serious relationship before she signed up in secret for the ITV show.

The former WWE star — ring name Hugo Knox — has said that they dated from December last year and briefly split in March but reignited their romance in May. He has even claimed that they had discussed making their relationship official after returning from their respective holidays. While Tomlinson, 32, went on his trip abroad, Shears, 23, entered the Love Island villa.

"I was with Jess two weeks ago — we were going to 'make up', however she's ended up in Love Island and I found out while I was away," Tomlinson, 32, told The Mirror.

On Tuesday (13 June) night's show, Shears enjoyed a steamy session with Dominic Lever but Tomlinson isn't buying their romance as he thinks it is "all for the cameras".

"It's all for the cameras, Dom isn't her type – she prefers older and bigger, taller men," he said. "She always told me she hated pretty boys. She told me two weeks ago that she loves me still, so I know this is a wind-up. And now she's had sex on TV, which sums her up to a tee."

Tomlinson also revealed that he was approached by Love Island bosses before the lineup was confirmed but turned it down because of his relationship with Shears.

"When I left WWE and came back to the UK she was the first to say, 'Oh, don't go on Big Brother ' and all the rest of them, yet she's the one who goes into a desperate show to boost her ego."

Stuart doesn't think it's worth his time to confront Shears on the show, although he'd love to.

"It's not hard for me to move on. She was just a nice person and I believed what she said. I don't need to feel s**t over someone trying to get £50K by having sex on national TV," he said. "She convinced me that she was different – she was a nice girl and was loyal with me, but people go to massive extents to make money."