UPDATE: 'Jihadi John': Westminster University bans Muslim hate cleric after Mohammed Emwazi revealed as Isis executioner


The London university which handed Jihadi John his degree is at the centre of storm for inviting a radical cleric who preaches hatred to homosexuals and people who quit Islam.

The University of Westminster sparked anger after it was revealed Haitham al-Haddad was to be a guest of the Students' Union Islamic Society.

Al-Haddad has previously declared homosexuals are guilty of a crime and that apostates – former Muslims – are guilty of treason and must be killed.

He was slated to address students at Westminster University at an event called "Who is Muhammed".

The preacher's sermon was to take place the night before the Student Pride celebrations kicked off on the 27 February, according to reports.

However, a petition started by the gay rights LGBT society has gathered more than 3,000 signatures, demanding he be banned.

Al-Haddad has given talks at a number of universities in the past, including Westminster.

Back in November of 2013, at the start of the university's National Charity Week, Westminster Islamic Society (ISOC) had arranged for moderate Wasim Kempson to come in as a guest speaker, but students were left confused after Al-Haddad replaced Kempson less than 24 hours before the dinner.

"Regarding the apostate, the punished is capital punishment according to the Islamic law. The apostate is not [just] going against his religion, he is going against his way of life [...] so definitely this person will be a threat for everyone," said Al-Haddad in previous sermons.

On homosexuality, he hailed laws which make homosexuality a crime and condemned the "scourge of homosexuality".

The timing could not be worse for Westminster University, after it was that infamous revealed terrorist killer Jihadi John is a computer studies graduate.

A picture has also emerged of a divided campus at Westminster, from one former student there. "Michael" – who graduated in 2009 – told IBTimes UK some Muslim students shunned mixing with their peers.

A spokesperson from the University of Westminster said: "The Islamic Society is one of many societies that are part of the University of Westminster Students' Union which is an independent body. The university does not control its activities but does monitor that it is legally compliant."