A Jihadist song used in brutal Islamic State (Isis) beheading videos featuring Jihadi John, revealed as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi, has been given the parody treatment in Arab countries.

Egyptian and Lebanese netizens poke fun at IS jihadist anthem Salil el-Sawarim, which means Clash of Swords, with a series of videos that use traditional and viral dances such as the Harlem Shake, to exorcise the militants' threat.

In the first video that went viral on YouTube with more than 170k views, two knife-wielding black-clad women are seen standing behind a kneeling woman wearing a orange jumpsuit, with the IS song playing in background.

After a few seconds, the three erupt into a frenzied dance that makes fun at jihadists' brutal execution methods.

The Lebanese version uses the IS anthem dubbed over a dance video set at an airport. Groups of women, children, youths and elderly people suddenly burst into a cheerful version of the Dabke folk dance, a modern Levantine Arabic dance performed at weddings and joyous occasions.

The clips mocking IS have already been called the new Happy videos, with reference to the Pharrell Williams' song that was covered by people in Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and many other Arab countries.

Flocks of youths from Arab countries took to the streets and turned the cities into a stage for dancing performances, clapping hands and celebrating life.