Jill and Jessa Counting On
Advertisers are unhappy with The 19 Kids And Counting spin-off show Jill And Jessa Counting On TLC

Jill And Jessa Counting On will return with another episode despite a decline in ratings. The show is facing the ire of advertisers, who have reportedly pulled out from the docu-series. But this has not stopped TLC from promoting the controversial Duggar family and their daughters.

In the upcoming episode, the Duggar daughters – Jana, Jinger, Jessa, Joy and their sister-in-law Anna – will go on a road trip to spend some quality time while they travel to a log cabin. During their stay, the girls will speak their hearts out while taking a break from their regular lives. However, since Jill will not accompany them on the road trip, the sisters will fill the void by making a video call.

Going further, the show would explore the dating lives of Jana and Jinger as they have already revealed the kind of man they want in their respective lives. "We aren't anxious about getting married. But when you meet a boy, you examine their character," Jinger told People.

"I think we would want someone like our dad [Jim Bob] – someone who is a strong leader and who loves God and loves others more than himself," Joy said.

Post the Josh Duggar scandal, Jim Bob and Michelle have been constantly criticised by people from all walks of life. Recently, referring to the family, comedian Daniel Tosh said during a People Pleasers roast show on the Comedy Central, "Selfish. That's what I think of your families."

"Shocking that one of those kids turned out to be a bad egg. You mean you can't keep your eye on 19 children?" he added.

Jill And Jessa Counting On airs on Tuesday nights on TLC network.