The countdown for Game of Thrones (GoT) season 6 premiere episode has already started and HBO has revealed the titles of episodes 2 and 3. The title and synopsis of the premiere episode (The Red Woman) have already been announced by the popular network.

Watchers of The Wall, a fan community of GoT, has reported that the second episode is titled Home and is directed by Jeremy Podeswa. The third episode titled Oathbreaker will air on 8 May. Daniel Sackheim is directing episode 3 which, according to the website, may be crucial to many characters, including Jon Snow, Brienne and her sword "Oathkeeper" and also Jaime Lannister.

The excitement among fans to learn the fate of Snow still remains high. But there are other important characters too, who are set to leave a lasting impression on the show. After remaining missing from season 5 of the blockbuster fantasy series by HBO, Bran Stark is returning to the show. It is rumoured that his magical powers of "the sight" (receive prophetic visions in the form of dreams) and warg (sending his consciousness into the mind of animals) will play a major role in the series in order to defeat the White Walkers.

But Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark) has teased that his character needs to act smartly in season 6 because with power comes responsibility, and since Bran is still a teenager with the ability to foresee the past, present and future, he needs to step up his game in order to stay alive.

"For Bran, I think it's a real wake-up call. He's north, he's up where the dead are, and he could potentially be the key to making the dead victorious or defeating them," Hempstead-Wright told IGN. "There's not much time. Bran has really got to get his act together, and he's still got many teenage, hubristic tendencies. He's still making some silly decisions with his powers. He's got to learn quickly, and he's got to shoulder a tremendous amount of responsibility with these powers which are going to be crucial, I feel like. For Bran, 'the dead are coming' is a real 'you need to step up to the plate'."

GoT is notoriously popular for killing off hugely popular characters unapologetically and going by the warning signs given by Hempstead-Wright, we can assume that the son of Ned Stark is not safe.

To know whether he survives the brutal world of war and politics, fans need to wait for GoT season 6 to premiere on Sunday (24 April) on HBO.