After British athlete Tom Daley failed to qualify for the 10m platform final, religious group Christian Voice took the opportunity to make the link between the Olympic diver's performance during Rio 2016 and his sexuality.

"Turning gay doesn't seem to have done Tom Daley any favours at #Rio2016," the 'prayer and lobby' group tweeted, before going on to criticise the diver's relationship.

"And we need to remember that Tom Daley only went gay because he was seduced by an older man."

But JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, was quick to spring to Daley's defence, writing: "Can't decide which is more offensive in this tweet, the stupidity or the spite."

Others on social media also criticised Christian Voice's opinion, with one Twitter user saying, "Talk us through how one 'turns gay'."

At Rio 2016, there were a record number of LGBT athletes, with reports confirming at least 41 openly lesbian, gay and bisexual Olympians – up from 23 that participated in London 2012. However, according to, the number was much higher at 53.

Tom Daley received a message of support from his fiancé Dustin Lance Black, after winning a bronze medal in the Olympics. "So happy for you. So proud," said the Oscar-winning screenwriter.

"I've seen a big increase in terms of [gay] athletes and spectators," LGBT analyst Charley Walters told CNN.

The majority of athletes who have come out as LGBT are women, while no US men have come out before these Olympics.

Homophobia in sports continues to be an issue. Football fans at the opening matches of the Olympic women's soccer tournament chanted homophobic slurs during the game, according to Outsports.

Also, the BBC apologised after Olympics commentator Paul Hand caused anger with his off-the-cuff remarks. The tennis presenter said: "Let's hope they don't go on to two blokes sat next to each other," during kisscam footage of couples in Rio.

A BBC spokesman said: "The comment was ill judged and we apologise to any of our viewers who were offended."