Joanna Krupa
Model Joanna Krupa attends Life & Style Weekly's 10 Year Anniversary party Getty

If Polish beauty Joanna Krupa's words are any indication, the model just doesn't believe in excuses for not saying fit and healthy. Showing off her famous Playboy curves, the 38-year-old model appears on the cover of the latest issue of Be Active magazine in a bombshell red two-piece, a glimpse of which she even shared on social media.

Krupa, who has been a common face on popular reality shows, flaunted her effortless style and toned physique in the magazine shot. And needless to say, fans are pretty impressed with how the Real Housewives of Miami star has maintained her form.

"There is absolutely no excuse in not staying fit and healthy at any age! Motivation and drive is the key," the 38-year-old model shared alongside the bikini shot on Instagram. Explaining her drive towards fitness, Krupa, also took a potshot at critics, who believe that she stays in shape by starving herself.

"Over the years during my career I heard so many comments ... 'she probably starves herself etc' I have always eaten anything I wanted. I maintain a diet of 2000 calories a day no matter if I workout that day or not," the model wrote adding, "I make sure to workout 2-5 times a week depending on my schedule . I don't get lazy even when tired after work or on a vacation ....I find time to be active."

Ultimately, according to the reality star, it all boils down to being "ambitious and dedicated".

"If you love yourself you will find the determination within yourself to get off the sofa and make a change in your life and not judge others that do," she added in her post.

This is not the first time the model has had to defend herself. After getting called out for her choice of dressing and nude snaps, Krupa lashed out at the haters in a 2016 interview.

"I'm very proud of my body, I work really hard, I workout and try to stay in shape and eat healthy," she had said, per Mail Online.

"I'm super proud of it and I believe if you have it you flaunt it! No matter what shape or size you are you should feel confident."