Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan believes Yoel Romero should have got a title shot against Michael Bisping Getty

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has questioned the hierarchy of the UFC middleweight division after it was announced that Michael Bisping will defend his title against the returning Georges St-Pierre..

Bisping was widely expected to defend his belt against Yoel Romero, the number one middleweight contender, fresh off a devastating win over Chris Weidman at UFC 205.

However, with the announcement that UFC legend and former welterweight champion St-Pierre was making his comeback to the octagon after three years, Bisping openly talked about having a big money fight with the Canadian.

Eventually, a title bout between the two was confirmed leaving 39-year-old Romero in no man's land and Rogan was one of many, who was not happy with the decision.

"I really want to see Yoel Romero get a shot at the title," Rogan said on ESPN's 5ive Rounds. "I know he's waiting, he's waiting right now for what I think is an interesting fight between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre. I think that's an interesting fight. I don't like it in terms of the hierarchy of the division. I think that, as far as the division goes, it's not good at all. It sort of hijacks the whole situation."

Rogan also talked about how he is not a fan of the UFC prioritizing money fights over legitimate contenders getting title shots.

"I don't like it," he added. "I'm not concerned because there's great fighters and you get them together and you make great fights. I'm not concerned at that."

"But from a purist point of view, and someone who feels like - look, if you're going to have a champion and you're gonna have these divisions where one man rules over the division, there should be a very clear hierarchy... If you have a champion and you have all these people waiting in line to get a shot at that champion, the person who is perceived to be the best in that division is the one who should be fighting the champion next.

"The champion should always be fighting the number one available challenger. Right now, that is Yoel Romero."

Yoel Romero
Yoel Romero will have to wait even longer to get his shot at Bisping's middleweight title Getty

Rogan even went on to ask why the company needed a champion or a belt in the first place if the only goal is to have great fights.

"As a person who deeply respects the position of champion - if you're gonna do this whole interim title thing and you're gonna have guys come back after being out of the sport for three years and get a shot right at the title, why have f**king championships at all?

"Why have a champion at all? Just set up great fights. And if you're just setting up great fights, well that's a great fight. Bisping versus GSP is a great fight. If you're going to have a title, this is the champion of the world, then the champion should be defending his title against the number one challenger and that right now is Yoel Romero."

As of now, there is no set date for Bisping vs St-Pierre but it is expected to take place in the summer.