Britain isn't the only country where everyone's talking about John Lewis's latest Christmas Ad, Norway has gotten pretty excited too. Aurora might be just 19-years-old but she's already sparked the attention of two North Sea countries.

VG, one of the largest newspapers in Norway, started off their article about Aurora's new song - Half the World Away, the Oasis cover featured in the advert - by admitting that no-one pays attention to Norway very much: "We are so few in this country that we all tend to feel excitement when someone overseas sees one of us."

Another article run by the newspaper stated that "Aurora Aksnes is a potential superstar" thanks to the advert.

Aurora has been a big deal in Norway for some time. Two concerts scheduled for this week in Bergen are long sold-out and she's on the set for the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo. She was relatively unknown in the UK though, and is the youngest artist to sing for a John Lewis advert. Artists previously featured on the advert have included Lily Allen, Tom Odell and Ellie Goulding.

John Lewis does not operate any stores in Norway but a spokesman said it was one of 33 countries that they deliver to.

Kristin Hartvedt, originally from Bergen in Norway - the same city as Aurora - but now living in London said that her friends back home are sharing the advert across social media and that many are "focusing on the fact that this is her chance to break through in the UK."

Anne Marthe Dronen, a student in Bergen, said that she wasn't surprised by how well Aurora has done: "She is really talented and the world should hear her songs," she gushed. She said that most of her friends are already fans and a few have been sharing the advert on Facebook. "I don't think people are surprised by how far her talent can take her. Katy Perry is already a fan and has tweeted about her".

Though both mentioned that they didn't think people in Norway knew what John Lewis was.

The John Lewis Christmas Advert started in 2007 and has since become an annual event, with the advert's release being counted down days in advance. The adverts usually feature an artist singing a down-beat cover of a famous song.

Norway isn't the only place benefiting off the advert, Noel Gallagher will reportedly earn thousands for letting the John Lewis used a song originally written by him.

Aurora Aksnes
Aurora Aksnes, who hails from Norway, has covered Oasis\' Half The World Away for the John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 YouTube