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Giant crucifix crushes man to death in Northern Italy www.vacanzelandia.com

A giant crucifix erected in honour of late Pope John Paul II has collapsed and killed a 21-year-old man in northern Italy - just days before the papal canonisation.

The 30-metre-high (100ft) wooden cross fell during a ceremony in the Alpine village of Cevo, near Brescia, ahead of the pope's canonisation planned for Sunday along with that of Italian pope John XXIII.

Marco Gusmini died instantly. Another man was taken to hospital.

The large curved installation, featuring a Jesus Christ statue on top, weighs 600kg and was fixed to the ground with cables. It was designed by sculptor Enrico Job on the occasion of John Paul's II visit to Brescia in 1998.

It was later taken down and set in a picturesque spot near Cevo in 2005.