Stephen Dorff only has good things to say about Johnny Depp when he recalled the time they worked together in the 2009 film "Public Enemies."

The 47-year-old "True Detective" alum described the embattled actor as a "great guy" and a "legend." He told Page Six that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star was generous to him when he was in a vulnerable state.

"He was a stand-up legend to me," Dorff said.

"He was somebody who was generous, was friendly and giving to me, at a time when I'd just lost my mum and I was probably in the most vulnerable state I'd ever been in my life," he revealed.

Dorff said that it was his honour to have acted alongside Depp, whom he described as "one of my heroes as an actor." He also expressed his gratitude to have worked with director Michael Mann.

London's High Court recently ruled that the "Minamata" star was a "wife-beater" during his troubled marriage with actress Amber Heard despite mounting evidence that proved the contrary. The outcome meant Warner Bros. had to cut ties with him and had him resign from his role as Grindelwald in "Fantastic Beasts 3."

Depp will face his ex-wife again in Virginia for his $50 million defamation suit. He sued Heard for an op-ed she wrote about being a domestic abuse victim and survivor.

Dorff, who was hesitant to weigh in on the exes' legal battles, called it "a shame that publicly people's lives have to get thrown out there in the world." He shared his hope for "some healing at some point" for Depp and Heard. As far as he can remember and based on experience, his co-star was nothing but good to him.

"The truth is the guy is a great guy and was great to me. That's all I can really go on," he said.

Dorff is among the many celebrities who have voiced their support for Depp including Paul Betanny, Javier Bardem, his wife Penelope Cruz, and Mickey Rourke, to name a few. Bardem described him as a "true gentleman" who is "extremely generous and caring." Rourke said he is a gentleman and never violent. Cruz called him sweet and kind.

Stephen Dorff
Stephen Dorff played Stavros in "Immortals." Reuters