A brief hiatus has been witnessed in the release of superhero films, since X-Men: Apocalypse hit theatres in end of May; and DC is utilising this period to tease fans with some candid behind the scenes photos from the sets of Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Aquaman's from Batman v Superman.

With a little over a month left for the release of David Ayer's anti-hero flick Suicide Squad, some interesting photos from the sets of DC films have surfaced online.

The pictures featuring the Joker played by Jared Leto also gives a fans a glimpse of the kind of villainous character Leto is about to portray on screen.

Time and again critics have stated that the Oscar-winning actor has big shoes to fill in as he takes up the role of the iconic antagonist, which was earlier played by the late Heath Ledger.

However, judging by the looks of the set images, it seems that 44-year-old Leto is about to render a creepy version of the psychotic villain of the 2008 hit Dark Knight.

Shared by Latino Review, the on-set images also feature some shots of Aquaman played by Game Of Thrones actor Jason Momoa. While the images show the actor against a green background, movie website Screen Rant notes that the shots are from Momoa's appearance as the Aquaman in Batman v Superman movie.

According to the website, the images were released with the Ultimate Edition of the Batman v Superman movie.

Apart from the Joker and the Aquaman, the series of images also includes few snaps of Wonder Woman, played on-screen by Gal Gadot. Set for release in 2017, DC's Wonder Woman would see the Amazon princess feature in a standalone – the first female superhero-fronted – movie. Gadot's images as the superhero also revealed the look of her cloak, which is a part of the traditional garb of the Amazonians.

Suicide Squad is scheduled to hit theatres on 5 August this year, followed by Wonder Woman on 2 June 2017 and the Mamoa-led Aquaman will open in the theatres on 27 July 2018.