Taylor Swift and Adele are known for airing their break-ups in their music and now Jordin Sparks has done exactly the same.

The 24-year-old went after her ex-boyfriend, Jason DeRulo in her new track titled "How about now" (remix) in which she references personal details from their relationship, including his neck injury from 2012.

Lyrics in the song include: "Feeling like I have to get all of this off my chest / I know you are sitting there thinking 'What is she going to do next?'"

"Remember I deleted all my other guys' numbers out my phone for ya?" she sings bitterly.

Adding: "Remember when you broke your neck and I had to wash your back for ya? You probably don't remember half of the s*** that I did for ya.

"Once you blew up, head got big and you started changing. Can't believe all the things that you started saying. Like I'm with you for your fame and your name. What?"

The song features on her new mixtape, "#BYEFELICIA".

The couple split back in September after a three-year romance. DeRulo gave a radio interview in which he admitted to ending the relationship over the phone and accused Jordin of pressuring him to marry her.

In Response Sparks said: "I really don't have a comment on anything that's been said because it's just words."

The 24-year-old also revealed on The Wendy Williams Show that she plans on giving back the luxury BMW vehicle Jason gifted to her.

"He can have it," she said.