Thanos, the Mad Titan, in Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Studios

Actor Josh Brolin is busy promoting his upcoming film Sicario and, in the process, is sharing some cool details about his role as the Marvel supervillain Thanos who will wreak havoc for The Avengers. In a recent interview, Brolin spoke about the might of his special effects-driven character which requires "a very different type of acting".

"It's the type of character where it's him against all of the Avengers, which is fantastic in itself, but doing it is a very different type of acting. So I was a little nervous in the beginning," Brolin told Collider.

The actor obviously couldn't reveal too much about what fans can expect from Thanos, but did weigh in on understanding the responsibilities which come with taking on a villain who means so much to so many.

"I love going into a comic book store and a guy connecting me with Thanos, and seeing the incredible regressive awe that happens. Like you see them lose 30 years in can't-breathe awe. That's fun, and I have a lot of respect for those fans. I'm excited about doing it, I really am," the actor told MTV News.

Elaborating on the special encounter with a fan, Brolin told Collider: "It wasn't until I was doing this movie [Sicario], I walked into a comic book store in Albuquerque [New Mexico] and I saw a guy who recognized me as Thanos, who basically had a minor stroke, and I was afraid because his reaction was so severe."

"...More severe than I've ever seen any reaction to any actor or somebody recognizable, and I realized Thanos was his life. Thanos was his saviour. The whole thing was his — it's like he woke up in the morning swallowed and ate these words in these comic books. So it means a lot. I get the responsibility and I take it with great care."

Brolin will be seen as Thanos in the two-part Avengers Infinity War slated to release on 4 May, 2018 and 3 May, 2019 respectively.