Numerous people signed up to the takeaway website have received a phishing email that contains personal information, reports say. The fact that the email contains details that the customers had not put elsewhere online suggests that the information may have come from a breach of data from the website itself.

Speaking to the BBC, Andy Pugh from Belfast said that the email looked authentic and he was close to entering his details. The email asked people to fill out a survey, saying that they would receive £10 and then directed them to a scam website where they were asked to fill the survey before entering bank and credit card details.

"This is an address and a telephone number that I've never put anywhere... So, to me, there was no way that this information could have come from anywhere else apart from a data breach with Just Eat." said Pugh, a software developer.

The company told the BBC that it was aware of a phishing attack. IBTimes UK was unable to reach anyone from Just Eat for comment and it has yet to confirm or acknowledge any attack on social media.