Justin Bieber is thinking of growing his family and he wants babies with wife Hailey Baldwin. He made his intention known on social media, while looking at a video of a father and son having a happy moment together.

On Thursday, the "10,000 Hours" singer shared an adorable clip of a father having fun with his son while playing with a cutout of the letter W. The dad is teaching his kid how to change W to M by flipping the letter over and the cute toddler follows his instructions, albeit with a few interruptions of giggles in between.

The baby is absolutely enjoying the moment, as he laughs every time his dad changes the letter from M to W. The video is simply adorable and the baby's laugh is so contagious. Anyone watching it is sure to smile or even laugh along with the baby.

Apparently, Bieber found the father-and-son moment so touching that it made him broody. He admitted that he is looking forward to his future family with Baldwin. The 25-year-old captioned the video,"This is something I look forward to," along with a smiley emoji.

Justin Bieber via Instagram: This is something I look forward to :) pic.twitter.com/7lu4ilB6zV

— Justin Bieber Crew (@JBCrewdotcom) October 9, 2019

Fans were quick to comment and ask when the couple, who recently celebrated their second wedding in South Carolina, will have their own children.

"When is baby Bieber coming," one fan wrote.

A couple of the singer's followers assured him that he is going to be an amazing and great dad. Meanwhile, others asked the Canadian hitmaker to release a new album first before he makes babies with Baldwin.

Bieber also shared a second clip, this time of a little girl talking about using lipstick. The video made the "Sorry" singer imagine what his child will be like with Baldwin.

"Hailey with your attitude and my savage behavior we are in world of trouble haha," he wrote.

Justin Bieber: Hailey with your attitude and my savage behaviour we are in a world of trouble haha (Muted due to copyright) pic.twitter.com/mahG8KDTVq

— Justin Bieber Crew (@JBCrewdotcom) October 10, 2019

Despite the encouragement from Bieber, Baldwin admitted that she is not ready to have babies. She told Vogue in February 2019 that she does not plan to have babies for at least two years. Although, the 22-year-old model admitted that she loves kids and "cannot wait to have my own" in her 2018 interview with Vogue Arabia.

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