Justin Bieber refused to leave Dogpound gym in West Hollywood even after he was asked to do so when it was time for Taylor Swift's appointment.

The "Love Yourself" singer reportedly finished his workout, which consisted of him dancing to "Yummy" and mostly goofing off in front of the mirror, even after he was approached to leave. According to TMZ, Bieber came in to workout without an appointment so he could have left when asked to do so.

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However, he and his team held strong and he finished his routine before Swift came in for her scheduled training. However, the "Yummy" hitmaker did not know that it was Swift who had the private training booked.

"Justin rolled up without an appointment," a source told Mail Online and another said, "He was asked to leave by the gym because they had other appointments. It is a private gym so everyone has their own time slots."

Bieber and the other attendees took off after they finished their workout routine. He did not see Swift get inside the gym because she used the private entrance and exit, which celebrities usually use. The Canadian pop star opted to use the standard front door with the other gym attendees.

It is unclear why Dogpound did not inform Bieber ahead of time about Swift's appointment. It would have saved him the trouble of coming to the establishment, to begin with. Perhaps they did not want to cause a scene especially since the two singers are not in good terms with each other.

Fans may remember that Swift publicly blasted Bieber's manager and friend, Scooter Braun, for allegedly stealing her music. The "Delicate" singer shared how Braun allegedly bullied her on social media when she was at her lowest point. Bieber defended his friend and said that he has been nothing but kind and appreciative of Swift. He even encouraged her passion for making music.

Their feud does not end with Braun. It is said that Swift has been shading Bieber over his relationship with her close friend Selena Gomez, who is singing about their failed relationship through her latest album "Rare."

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