Justin Bieber and the famous car Reuters

Pop twerp Justin Bieber is set to voice sentient car Kitt from hit 1980s TV series Knight Rider in an upcoming comedy about the life of actor David Hasselhoff.

Yahoo reports that Bieber shot scenes for the film earlier this week with the Hoff, who is said to be a long-time friend of the star.

Comedian Jim Jefferies, who also appears in the film, told Yahoo: "Justin Bieber is the voice of Kitt in this movie - you can't say that every day."

Hasselhoff also spoke of how the deal came about: ""He called me and asked me for a favour and I called him back and said, 'Can you do me a favour?' and he said, 'Yes,' I did his favour first because I love the Bieb. I think he's a cool kid and he gets a bad rap. He's a good guy and I like his music, I've known him for five years."

Killing Hasselhoff is being directed Darren Grant, whose previous films includes Diary of a Mad Black Woman. The film is about a man attempting to win a celebrity death pool (a collection of people betting on which celebrity will die next) by hiring a hit man to kill the Knight Rider and Baywatch star.

Killing Hasselhoff is set for release next year.