Sahara Ray
Sahara Ray poses for the cameras - File photo Getty

Justin Bieber's former girlfriend Sahara Ray has left very little to the imagination with a racy photo that she shared on social media.

Wrapping just a white towel over her hair, the 24-year-old model is seen lounging on a comfy sofa with her legs crossed and arms partly covering her breasts.


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The picture, which has been posted without a caption, has been liked 18,000 times (and counting), with fans complimenting the Australian beauty for her flawless figure.

A fan commented, "You are very beautiful and attractive, and you have a great figure," while another added, "Awesome pic of your living room! You, on the other hand, are amazingly delicious and gorgeous and make the picture perfect! Wow."

A user said, "Looking so very comfortable on that couch. You are a breathtakingly beautiful lady with a perfect figure," while someone else wrote, "Fabulous shot. So many different aspects to it. Gorgeous!"

The social media sensation also shared another photo that shows someone else flaunting her bare back and derriere while posing next to the sofa inside a room adorned with elegant furniture and shiny wooden flooring. (Click here for the photo)

The caption then reveals who the person in the sexy pose is – non-other than model Meredith Hennessy, with Ray writing "@meredithhennessy" along with the snap.

Hennessy also shared a selfie with a white towel wrapped around her head, captioning it, "Spent the majority of today walking around naked pretending to be Queen Amidala. Solid day."

Ray had recently sent her fans into a bit of a frenzy with a video that captured her showing off her green hair in a cropped white T-shirt. The photo, which was posted without a caption, had been liked more than 124,000 times, with fans calling Ray "beautiful" and "stunning".

"Sahara be breaking hearts man! She's too good," a fan said, while another admirer simply exclaimed, "Lovely."


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