Achutha Reddy
Achutta Reddy was first attacked inside his clinic and later chased down an alley reportedly by his patient Umar Rashid Dutt YouTube/screengrab

An Indian-born doctor based in Kansas was stabbed to death more than 160 times, beaten and possibly run over by a car near his clinic, an arrest affidavit for his patient charged in the murder said.

Achutha Reddy was killed on 13 September allegedly by a man identified as Umar Rashid Dutt, one of his patients. The 57-year-old was first attacked inside his clinic, Holistic Psychiatry Services, and later chased down an alley reportedly by Dutt.

Dutt has been charged with first-degree murder and has been detained on a $1m (£0.77m) bond. The 21-year-old was arrested after being found covered in blood, sitting in a car outside a country club.

The affidavit released on Thursday (5 October) stated that Reddy suffered "blunt force trauma" and also identified "approximately 165 sharp force trauma injuries", ABC News reported.

Kurt Kerns, Dutt's defence attorney, said an affidavit like the one released on Thursday "tends to colour the case in the favour of the government and tends to lessen the presumption of innocence".

He added, "I think more and more evidence will be coming to light as this case progresses" but till then "everybody is entitled to be presumed innocent".

According to reports, Reddy was seen entering his clinic with Dutt on 13 September, who left the place after some time. However, the manager of the clinic heard some ruckus inside the clinic when Dutt returned after a while. When he went inside to check what was happening, he found that the patient was assaulting the doctor.

The manager reportedly intervened between the two, giving time to the doctor to flee the building. However, Dutt followed Reddy into the alley and stabbed him to death.

Reddy was a native of the south Indian state of Telangana and graduated from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad city in 1986. He later moved to the US to do an internship at St Louis University in 1994 and a residency at the Kansas University School of Medicine, Wichita in 1998.

After practising for over two decades, Reddy set up his own clinic in 2003. He is survived by his wife and three children.