Therese Roever has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for attempting to kill her three children - Representational image REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

A Kansas mother who allegedly tried to kill her three children in order to seek revenge on her ex has been arrested and charged with attempted murder on Wednesday (21 February).

Therese Roever, 37, was arrested after she reportedly told police that she had poisoned her nine-year-old twins and seven-year-old son, in Olathe on Monday.

Her charge was announced by Johnson County prosecutor Steve Howe and a bond was set at $1m (£718,890). After her first court appearance, her attorney asked the judge to reduce the bond, which was denied.

According to police, after they were called to the 1700 block of North Lennox Street, they found the mother and children inside the home, Fox 4 KC reported.

Authorities found the ill children who needed immediate medical attention and were taken to the hospital. The mother was then forced to reveal to the police that she had given them something poisonous.

"Thankfully the children are recovering and should be returning home very soon," Therese's ex-husband John Roever's attorney said in a statement, according to the website.

According to court documents, John had full custody of the children after the couple got divorced in 2016. Records show that Therese lost her children's custody after she allegedly made false claims about John.

It is when the kids were on a scheduled visit at their mother's home that Therese took the extreme step, the website reported.

According to police, when John came to pick up his children, Therese did not open the door. After John kept banging on the front door neighbours were alerted and the police were called.
Therese's next court appearance is scheduled for 1 March.