Kate Middleton unveiled the winning photograph and the winner of the Natural History Museum's most prestigious title Wildlife Photographer of the Year in a virtual award ceremony on Tuesday.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited one of the oldest museum of London for the virtual award ceremony announcing the winner of the title. In the segment that aired on Tuesday, at 8:00 pm, Kate Middleton announced that Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov has won the most prestigious prize for his picture The Embrace. The image displays a tigress hugging a tree.

"I'm delighted to be announcing the Grand Title winner of the fifty-sixth Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition," Kate said during the ceremony that broadcast from iconic Hintze Hall as quoted by Daily Mail. "As we have seen this evening, the competition attracts the very best in wildlife photography. The skill and creativity of this year's images provide a moving and fascinating insight into the beauty and vulnerability of life on our planet."

The mother-of-three, who is the royal patron of the Natural History Museum, thanked all those who participated in the competition and sent out a note of appreciation. She thanked everyone for "showing us the magic of the natural world, and for reminding us that caring for our environment and its precious biodiversity has never been more important."

There were 49,000 people who participated in the competition and a panel of experts made the final selection.

Kate donned a glamorous look for the event. As per the report, she wore a tailored black pantsuit for the virtual ceremony designed by her favourite fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The black blazer with puff sleeves is said to be priced at £1240.

Before the announcement, Kate released a small video on her official Instagram account informing her followers about the upcoming event. "It is so wonderful to be back at the reopened Natural History Museum where we can all enjoy its treasures once again," she said in the video.

 Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland

Kate has been a royal patron of the museum since April 2013. She has made numerous visits to the tourist attraction since then. After 2014, this was the second time she returned to announce the grand title.