Kate Middleton is no stranger to playing the role of a royal - she has given her first speech overseas, appeared for charitable causes and toured several nations as a member of the British royal family.

Now, Clarence House has revealed another side of the Duchess of Cambridge - that of a photographer. A total of seven photographs, taken by Catherine during a visit to the Research Station at Danum Valley in Borneo, Malaysia, have been released on the Duchess of Cambridge's official Web site.

The Duchess visited Danum Valley, along with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, during the royal couple's Diamond Jubilee tour of South East Asia and the South Pacific in September.

The photo album - The Duchess of Cambridge's Photos from Borneo - features images taken by Kate Middleton during a private walk through part of the jungle, close to the Danum Valley research station. And all of them are an attempt to show vast canopies of the Borneo rainforest, one of the oldest in the world.

One of the photographs is that of an orangutan (the rainforest is the natural habitat for the endangered Borneo Orangutan) and a Clarence House statement said the Duke and Duchess were "fortunate enough" to see the rare animal.

Some of the other photographs are of a single tree rising above the canopy, which emphasises the natural beauty of the rainforest. The photograph was taken while travelling by car through the rainforest in Danum Valley.

The Duchess also took photographs of the region from above, one of which is a shot of Mount Kinabalu, the highest point in Borneo with an elevation of 4,095m (13,435 ft) above sea level. The photograph was taken by the Duchess while on a flight to the Solomon Islands in the Pacific.

Another interesting photograph in the album is a photo of the canopy of a palm oil plantation seen from above. The photo was taken by Kate when the Duke and Duchess flew over the plantation on their way to the Royal Society research station in Sabah, Malaysia.

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