Netizens criticised Kate Middleton after video footage showed her unable to discipline her youngest child, Prince Louis, while he was having a tantrum during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant on Sunday.

The four-year-old was caught on camera trying to shush his mother by covering her mouth with his hand. He then stuck his tongue out at her, made angry faces, and waved his hand on her face, seemingly refusing to follow her commands.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge did her best to stay calm while she tried to talk to him at eye level. She even managed a smile despite her child's tantrum. Mike Tindall, who was seated a row behind them, noticed Prince Louis' antics and jokingly warned him to behave as he gestured "I'm watching you" with his hands.

As a result, many criticised Kate Middleton on social media for her inability to handle her son's behaviour at that moment. One wrote on Twitter, "Where's Supernanny? Kate can't even discipline Louis." Another commented, "Kate is raising a rude child!! Discipline!!"

A third said, "Louis is four, but there does need to be discipline. Kate was struggling badly."

However, there were those who sympathised with the 40-year-old mum-of-three. Others thought that she did a good job of keeping her composure and did the best she could in that situation, especially given that they were in public.

"He was never going to be able to sit perfectly all that time. Kate was torn between discipline and making a huge scene which also would of [sic] been seen as wrong. Lesser of the two evils!!" one royal follower noted.

Another said, "Aww, poor Louis was over it. Just a toddler, he had sat for a long time and was ready to go home. Poor Kate, having to discipline him with millions watching. She's fantastic, not many mums could have coped as well."

Despite the tantrum, Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and so did their children. In a message shared on their Twitter page, the couple thanked those who made the event possible and those who turned out to celebrate with them. They said they "all had an incredible time, especially Louis..."

Kate Middleton and Prince Louis
Kate Middleton and her four-year-old son Prince Louis. Photo: Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images