Kate Middleton reportedly wanted to leave a good impression on fellow parents and teachers at Lambrook School, which is why she donated two hens to its little learning farm.

The mum-of-three may be the future queen of England, but she is very down-to-earth despite her royal status. A source told In Touch in its Nov. 21 issue that this was especially true when it came to her children's school.

Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte started at Lambrook School in September when the family moved to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor from Kensington Palace. The insider claimed that the Princess of Wales "wanted to get off to a good start with the parents and teachers" so she donated two hens.

"It's not the most extravagant gift, but they can use it for their little learning farm, and she didn't want to come across as flashy."

The publication claimed that this is "Kate Middleton in a nutshell" and cited a palace insider who said that "everyone who meets her is still surprised at how down-to-earth and normal she is."

"She and Prince William wanted their children's lives to be as normal as possible, and that's what they've achieved. When she's not doing public appearances, Kate's life is actually quite mundane. She may be a princess, but she's really just an ordinary mum."

The palace source added that Kate Middleton "prefers people not to fawn over her" and cited one instance when she "asked the teachers at Lambrook to refer to her simply as Kate or Catherine, instead of the Princess of Wales, because she wants to blend in with everyone else. The same goes for the mums and dads there."

Aside from her royal duties, the Princess of Wales is reportedly also active at her children's school. She has helped plan fundraisers and baking events. The insider called her a "natural at those kinds of things because of her charitable work as a royal." But she reportedly also "loves that she gets to be so much more involved instead of just following a schedule that's been arranged for her."

It is unclear if Kate Middleton really did give hens to Lambrook School to make a good first impression. Royal experts said that she and Prince William moved to Windsor so their children could have a more normal life and the freedom that Kensington Palace could not offer.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with children
Prince William and Kate Middleton with children Kensington Royal/Instagram