With just about two months into parenthood for the first time, Kate Middleton and Prince William are already readying for a second royal baby, claims an American celebrity gossip magazine.

The latest issue of the weekly magazine, Life & Style, carries an exclusive cover story on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's plans for bringing a sibling for two-month-old Prince George.

The cover feature, titled Baby No. 2 Already, states: "Excited for a sibling for George, William and Kate stun their families with an announcement."

An online description of the magazine's issue says: "Proud parents Kate Middleton and Prince William are ready to welcome another bundle of joy — and they're even eyeing being pregnant by Christmas. Find out why the timing is perfect, and how the couple's siblings influenced their joyful decision, only in Life & Style."

The sources referred to in the feature article claim that William and Kate are eager to expand their family and that the royal couple would be glad if Kate became pregnant by Christmas.

"They know this time will fly by, and they figure they might as well have another baby next year so they can deal with it all at the same time," a source said, according to Christian Post.

Another insider added that the royal couple plans to make the announcement about Kate's pregnancy during Christmas holidays.

"William and Kate will be splitting their time during the holidays with Kate's family and the Queen in Sandringham House in Norfolk, so it would be the perfect moment for an announcement," the insider added.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have moved into their official residence at Kensington Palace with their little prince. As the royal couple settles down at the palace with the newborn, speculating about the second royal baby seems too immature.

However, news of Kate's pregnancy should not be too surprising given the numbers of children William and Kate would like to have.

"William, who has one younger brother, has said in the past that he definitely wants two children, while Kate, who has a younger sister and a younger brother, has told friends that she hopes to have at least three," a royal expert, Jeremy Fine, told the magazine.

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