Prince Louis is giving many reasons for the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge to smile. The proud parents cannot stop gushing about him and are in awe of him as he reaches a new milestone. During the couple's Bradford City visit, Kate Middleton gave an adorable update about the couple's youngest son, Prince Louis.

Prince Louis of Cambridge, 21 months, is quickly growing up and his parents are quite proud of him. During their visit to one of Bradford's Khidmat Centres, the couple participated in a session supported by Better Start Bradford. The community that supports pregnant women and families with children under the age of four. There, the royal parents-of-three met a group of children and grandparents who have recently completed the "Older Yet Wiser" course dedicated to training grandparents with child-caring responsibilities.

One of the participants Jo Broadbent revealed a few details about their meeting with the royals to Hello. While appreciating Kate Middleton's knowledge about early year developmental techniques, she dished out that the 38-year-old duchess is also very proud of her children as Louis has finally started to "balance" himself.

"Kate obviously has a great interest in early years development, she's quite knowledgeable about it, she referred to some of the tools and techniques we learned about on the course. I asked how her children were. Kate said Louis had started to tell her 'Mummy, I'm balancing' and she said it was really nice to see him turning into a little boy from being a baby,"Broadbent said.

At their visit, the duchess engaged intimately with children and showed off her motherly side. While participating in a sing-a-long from the Little Dots workshop, Kate took 18-month Sorayah Ahmad in her arms and dance with her. The royal mother's heartfelt gesture left the mother of the toddler in tears. She said that Kate joined the little one in singing the nursery rhymes and dancing with her.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William pictured with Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte Getty

This was apparently one of the many engagements for Kate and William during their brief Bradford City visit. They stopped by Bradford's City Hall and My Lahore restaurant where they met an enthusiastic crowd gathered to meet the royals. The royal couple visibly received a generous and warm reception in the West Yorkshire city.