Kate Middleton only wants the best for Prince William and Prince Harry. She has reportedly even urged her husband to consider opening up to his brother to mend their relationship.

The once-close brothers are now on different paths. Reports have claimed that the Duke of Sussex has only made the distance worse with his explosive Oprah Winfrey interview and all his talks about the royal family on U.S. TV.

In the middle of their alleged rift is the Duchess of Cambridge, who is said to be heartbroken at the status of their relationship now. She is said to also be worried about the pain the continuing rift will cause Prince William.

A source told Closer magazine that Kate Middleton has asked her husband to open up to the idea of reconciling with his brother. She is also "quietly urging Harry to find it in his heart to try to patch things up one-on-one."

The Duchess of Cambridge has been known to be the peacekeeper between the two alleged warring brothers. She has also been fond of the Duke of Sussex after having known him for many years since he was in his teens.

The insider claimed that she "was extremely fond of Harry as a brother-in-law." She reportedly also "bent over backwards to welcome Meghan into the family when they first got together. That's why the criticism the Sussexes' launched on the family and the snubs that followed were so upsetting and damaging."

The source claimed, "The sad truth is that Kate has struggled to recognise Harry as the same person she loved and respected all those years and the same goes for William, who desperately misses his brother."

However, the mum-of-three knows that despite "all of Harry's faults and mistakes, he's still the same person deep down and she knows that William loves and misses him deeply."

The claims came as Prince William celebrated his 40th birthday on Tuesday, June 21, privately with close friends and family. It is said that Kate Middleton even asked Prince Harry a favour to send his brother a message on his special day as she thinks that it could help build a path towards reconciliation.

Kate Middleton, Prince William
19 December 2016: Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry stand ready to give an award during a visit to The Mix, London Alastair Grant/Reuters