In the last leg of her solo 24-hour tour across the UK, Kate Middleton visited a women's prison. This was the third stop in her whirlwind trip wherein she launched a landmark survey on early years development.

The royal mother dropped by HMP Send prison near Woking, Surrey on Wednesday afternoon. There she met some women prisoners who are now released and are reconstructing their lives. The group includes women who met Kate Middleton during her trip in 2015. According to Daily Mail, these women have been in rehabilitation with the Forward Trust, a British charity which helps people with drug and alcohol dependence.

During her visit, the Duchess of Cambridge was dressed in Massimo Dutti camel coat that she paired up with a high-neck jumper and leopard print skirt. She accessorised the attire with a gold pendant neckpiece. The inmates talked about their time in prison and how they have been supported by the Forward Trust programmes in helping them rehabilitate.

"It's so often I hear that, why does it have to get to that point before people receive the help and support?" Kate said expressing her dismay.

The mother-of-three has been passionately working towards the cause of early years development. While interacting with these women, she shared how childhood experiences can impact the person in adult life.

"'I'm hugely passionate about trying to really help get into this crisis, trying to help provide that prevention mechanism and that support system in our communities. Particularly that support in the early years of life," she explained.

Prison governor Carlene Dixon informed the duchess that they are making dedicated efforts in helping inmates to acquire vocational qualifications and work experience.

At HMP Send The Duchess of Cambridge heard about the work that the @ForwardTrust do at the prison in supporting clients to improve their relationships with friends and family, including reconnecting with children #5BigQuestions

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) January 22, 2020

Prior to her visit to the prison, she dropped by a children's centre in Cardiff. At Ely & Caerau Children's Centre, she talked about her new initiative that gives people across the UK to voice their opinion about raising the next generation. It is known as five big questions and it is an attempt to spark conversations and make a lasting change for the coming generation. During her visit at the Cardiff centre, she spent some time with babies and spoke about her experience while she was raising Prince George.

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Duchess of Cambridge interacts with children during a visit to The Foundling Museum Getty

Kate's 24-hour solo tour is one-of-a-kind. In the tour, she covered five cities wherein she talked about her new project and encouraged people to take part in it.