Kate Middleton and Prince William might be having another baby in the future. According to the latest report, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge would not mind becoming parents for the fourth time.

Fans of the royal couple are no stranger to pregnancy rumours about Kate Middleton. Every now and then, rumours suggesting another pregnancy flood the rumour mill. But do the couple even want another sibling for Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1?

Speaking with Us Weekly, a royal insider reveals that the duchess "would love to have one more child." Watching her kids grow up together has been such a delightful experience for her that she wouldn't mind going through it all over again.

The three royal kids are reportedly enjoying "painting, baking, and building things" together that allows them to be creative. Meanwhile, the youngest one Louis is getting involved, too.

The Kensington Palace is definitely a cheerful place with three children playing around. Nevertheless, like all children, they have their squabbles reportedly over toys or which television show they should watch. Ultimately, the siblings do "get on."

It is certain that Kate loves children. There is no doubt, seeing their kids growing together can be an overwhelming experience for royal couple. Similarly, Kate and William, both 37, are delighted to see each kid become a different individual.

The insider reveals that Charlotte is "extremely confident and loves attention." As for George, he is a bit reserved, but protective of his younger siblings. He is already "showing traits of an excellent leader." And Louis is a "real mommy's boy."

Previously, the couple told the publication that they do not like leaving their kids alone. The only thing that bothered them about their successful royal tour to Pakistan was that they "missed the kids."

Prince William, Kate Middleton Pakistan tour
Uluru is popular with foreign tourists to Australia, including Britain's Prince William, who visited with his wife Catherine in 2014. Photo: POOL / WILLIAM WEST

So, is the pregnancy announcement around the corner? During this year, pregnancy rumours have emerged for more than one time. There were reports claiming that Kate is pregnant with Baby No. 4 during her appearance at Royal Ascot.

Royals watchers claimed to have noticed a small baby bump. The rumours fade away with time when there was no solid news. When the couple was touring in Pakistan, another wave of pregnancy rumours emerged, which remain unconfirmed to date.