Katie Price is a proud mother to five kids, and she sure knows how to keep calm in tense situations. A recent testament to her patience was seen when her son Harvey smashed the car window because he was having hiccups.

Price took to her Instagram account to share a video in which she was seen asking Harvey a series of questions about the shattered tinted glass covering the ground. Harvey, who is partially blind, autistic, and has Prader-Willi syndrome (genetic disorder that causes obesity, intellectual disability and shortness in height), was sitting in the backseat holding an iPad.

"This is because of hiccups?" Price asked her eldest son, adding: "Why did you smash the window Harv? Look what you've done to the window."

In response, the 18-year-old said: "It's naughty, isn't it? Bad."

Price shared the video with the caption: "Welcome to my bank holiday Monday. A normal day off. Harvey's reaction to hiccups." The 42-year-old has been receiving praises from Instagram users since then for keeping calm with Harvey.

"Oh you keep so calm. Incredible mum xx," one wrote, while another commented: "Awwww bless him. People don't understand do they how the simplest of things can set off triggers. Hope your [sic] okay xx."

The author had previously revealed that Harvey has a habit of smashing things when distressed, and broke six TVs during the first coronavirus-induced lockdown. An example of this was recently witnessed in BBC One's documentary "Katie Price: Harvey And Me," in which Harvey was seen suddenly hitting his head backward on a door after becoming upset by a loud noise while visiting a residential college.

Charity Sense, which supports families dealing with complex disabilities, confirmed that the documentary about the mother-son duo created a lot of awareness about autism as they had been contacted by "many" parents in a similar position to Price after it aired.

Apart from creating awareness about her son's condition, the model also began a campaign to make online abuse a specific criminal offence. She took to case to the UK Parliament in 2018, after Harvey faced abuse on social media. The teenager is soon expected to move into a residential college, where he will be taught new skills and how to have a more independent life.

Katie Price and son Harvey
Katie Price and Son, Harvey attend Sellebrity Soccer Match in aid of Smile For Joel and Compton Hospice at Banks' Stadium on May 13, 2017 in Walsall, England Getty