Katie Price
Katie Price shared the photo of Bunny on Instagram on 28 June Tim P Whitby / Getty Images

Katie Price's parenting skills have been questioned yet again. She has stirred up another controversy by sharing a photo of one of her children on social media.

The glamour model took to Instagram on Wednesday (28 June) to share a photo of her daughter Bunny but the photo did not go down well with some of her fans. The mother-of-five was slammed for sharing an image that shows her daughter drinking juice from a bottle while covered in mud after playing outside.

"My Bunny loves getting dirty outside," 39-year-old Price captioned the photo.

Fans have criticised Price for allowing her to drink juice out of a bottle, arguing that use of a bottle with a teat could cause tooth decay in children.

"Giving juice in a baby bottle is not good for their little teeth. Best to give it to them in sippy cups," one fan wrote on the Instagram post, while another said, "Actually letting your child drink juice from a bottle or sippy cup is seen a big slice of tooth decay.. a straw cup or normal cup are the best options for not letting juice pool in the mouth."

While some targeted Price for sharing the photo, plenty of others came to her defence.

"People don't want advice about dental care on Instagram they can speak to child smile or dentist for that!! You are missing the point of this picture a beautiful girl and her proud mum!!! Get off your high horse," a fan wrote.

This comes after fans recently lashed out at Price for sharing a photo that showed her nine-year-old daughter Princess pouting.

"Is it just me or is this photo of Princess disturbing.why would you paint her like a porn doll & put it out for the world to see [sic]," one of her fans wrote on Price's Instagram post.

Price defended herself against her critics as she pointed out that her daughter is a professional little model who has learnt from the best. "And the thing is I can't say to her, 'Oh don't be sexy or don't pose like that,' as she doesn't know what that is," she told The Sun.

My Bunny loves getting dirty outside

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